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Pre-1855 Burial Records for Andersons

These are derived from pre-1855 church records from Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Morayshire.  In addition to the date of burial these records sometimes provide age at death,  a connection to a close relative or the cause of death.

 The following example of a number of Agnes Andersons is an extract from the Aberdeenshire burial records we hold and demontrates the type of information which is available. 

It should be noted that the "Birth Year" is a calculated entry derived from age at death when that information is available and the "Relation" entry is for any other person mentioned in the record.


Name    Burial  Age  Bth Yr       Relation                   Status            Place of Burial

Agnes    1740                                                                               Old Machar
Agnes    1742                        John Martin               widow               Old Machar
Agnes    1784                        Alexander Maitland    widow                Aberdeen Chapel
Agnes    1788   74  1714                                                                Strichen
Agnes    1816     0  1816                                                                Old Machar
Agnes    1649                        John Anderson          daughter             Dyce
Agnes    1834                        John Grant                spouse               Foveran
Agnes    1835     0   1835                                       child                  St Clements
Agnes    1835     1   1834       David Anderson         daughter            St Nicholas
Agnes    1854   50   1804                                       unmarried          Fintray
Agnes    1670                        John Crombie            spouse               Kemnay
Agnes    1673                        William Howison        widow                St Nicholas


 We will be happy to do a free "look up" in our records for the specific burial of an Anderson if you provide a cemetery and /or rough year of death. Please contact us using  the query form.

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