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Place Names in North East Scotland

The area of North East Scotland covered by this one name study covers Aberdeenshire and the city of Aberdeen, Banffshire, Morayshire and Kincardineshire.

As many of you will be aware the bounderies between counties have frequently changed and a parish previously in say, Kincardineshire, may now be in Abderdeenshire.

Similarily the actual place names of parishes themselves have changed over the centuries.

With regard to Aberdeenshire we have found that the place names sections of the 43 Poll Books (1696)  published by the ANES FHS to be extremely helpful as are the associated maps contained in these books.

We would highly recommend that you consider purchasing the books covering the areas of your particular interest either from the ANES FHS themselves or other retail outlets such as the Scottish Genealogical Society.

A full list of the places covered by the Poll books is shown in the Poll Book section.

We have listed the parishes that are covered by our various records in four sections which can be read from the pull out sections.




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